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Small tunnel dryer

Description of drying  house: 
Brick column cutter and brick cutter cooperation together to cut the extruded clay strips into columns and bricks.Have multiple of brick column cutter and brick cutter: heavy cell-type column cutting and brick cutting system, cell-type column cutting and brick cutting system and other more than 10 types of heavy and light cell-type column cutting and brick cutting system. The machine have high degree of automatic, rapid cutting speed and do not need people on duty.Drying system is dry the wet bricks through drying chamber and drying cart, which make preparation for firing bricks. The heat source of drying chamber is from firing kiln, the heat source will be sent into drying chamber through the pipeline by heating fan, the moisture produced in drying process will be discharged by moist-releasing fan. According to the structure, the drying chamber can be divided into single-layer dryer, small section dryer and big section dryer. Drying cart is used for loading wet bricks.

Parameters of drying house:

program unit of measurements 7 tunnels 10 tunnels
tunnel length m 65 65
temperature degree 23-110 23-110
dried degree cart/hour 7 10
man qty 5 7

Packaging and Transportation:
Naked outfit and container transportation

Product Data:

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