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Date: 2022/3/14

3. Wide product range: in order to meet the different requirements of the market for products, we can produce both porous load-bearing bricks and non load-bearing hollow bricks in one line; That is, it can produce solid bricks (see Figure h) and porous bricks integrating load-bearing and clean water wall decoration, as well as various thermal insulation bricks and blocks; It can produce all kinds of products with small specifications and products with large specifications (see Figure J), especially long-size wallboard bricks; It can produce solid bricks or brick products with low hole rate, and high hole rate products with hole rate greater than 50%. Single layer drying can realize intelligent automatic control, and adjust temperature, pressure and air volume according to different products. For example, for Baoshen's single-layer chain plate quick dryer, the walking speed of chain drying is set to be 0.3m ~ 1.5m/min. When the designed dryer is 117m, the drying cycle can be controlled within 1.3h ~ 6.5h, and the commissioning range is relatively large. If the product changes during production, when the air supply temperature and pressure are basically unchanged, it is only necessary to adjust the chain plate speed through the frequency converter to realize the reasonable drying cycle suitable for the production of a variety of products. In the actual production of different products, the drying cycle adjustment range of Baoshen is 2H ~ 5.5h. Generally, the solid brick is about 5h; 20% porous brick in 3H ~ 4H; More than 40% of hollow bricks and hollow blocks, and the drying cycle is 2H ~ 2.5h. In other words, the higher the porosity, the shorter the drying cycle. If the outer wall and inner wall are thinner, the shorter the drying cycle will be. The above also fully shows that the single-layer drying is more suitable for the changing porous brick type in production (> > > unfinished to be continued..., information forecast in the next issue: 10 advantages of single-layer drying 4).

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