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Chinese brick and tile machinery industry has reached a new stage

Date: 2022/3/5

China’s brick and tile machinery industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The clay, shale, coal gangue and fly ash as raw materials of sintered hollow product equipment and production technology, has been developed; tunnel kiln and two yards burning, full combustion melting technology has reached the advanced level in the world at the end of 90s. Double stage vacuum extruder, automatic blank machine and other products have been continuously exported to foreign exchange. The brick and tile machinery manufacturing technology has expanded, and the technological content of products has been improved rapidly. The present situation and development prospect of brick and tile machinery in our country are as follows:


        1, the rapid development of the national economy has promoted the technological progress of brick and tile equipment


        The brick and tile machinery in our country develops with the development of brick and tile production in our country, and improves with the improvement of tile production technology. The main experience of the following 3 stages of development.


        The first stage is in the national economic recovery and the first 5 year plan period. In this period, besides the introduction of some brick and tile production equipment from abroad, China’s brick and tile machinery manufacturing industry has developed rapidly from scratch. First, the state plans to arrange production in the construction machinery plant and mine machinery plant, and then imitate and reform it in accordance with the imported equipment. Such as Shandong Ji’nan construction machinery repair plant, Changsha construction machinery repair plant, Shanghai metallurgical mining machinery plant and Tangshan metallurgical mining machinery factory. Later, some brick and tile factory in their own repair shop on the basis of the production of brick and tile machinery parts and equipment. For example, Wuxi Li’Nong brick, Lanzhou shajingyi tile factory, Beijing Xindu brick factory, Zhengzhou, Xi’an new brick and tile factory of Nanjing province brick and tile factory etc.. At that time, the production of brick and tile machinery equipment have ordinary brick machine, small roller machine, single axis and double shaft mixer, box feeder, hand cutting machine, cutting machine and tile machine. During this period, due to China’s introduction of the former Soviet Union and mechanical equipment and kiln roasting technology, the tile is at or above the county level enterprises begin semi mechanized production mode, brick machinery manufacturing technology level has been greatly improved.


        The second stage is from 1965 to 1985. At this stage, China established brick Research Institute, and in 1966 in Jilin City, brick and tile factory successful development and production of a sintered brick with fly ash ratio reached 50%; on this basis, in 1968 in Xuzhou and Sichuan auspicious tile factory Rong mountain brick successfully developed coal gangue fired brick; the long march in Tianjin brick factory successfully developed a tunnel kiln firing process; in the city of Beijing city drainage factory, brick factory store beans successfully developed a new technology of burning a small section of code. At the same time, by the state investment, we have built the common porous brick and hollow brick production line in Nanjing Xinning brick and tile factory, Changshu brick and tile factory and Xi’an experimental brick and tile factory. Built hollow products production line in Wuxi Li’Nong tile factory. At the same time, the competent departments of the state building materials organization, scientific research and design units closely around the construction and renovation of a brick machinery production enterprises, production can meet the annual output of 40 million ~ 60 million (folded standard bricks) of the sintered hollow products vacuum brick extruding machine and other products. During this period, China’s brick and tile industrial equipment technology level jumped from the 30s of last century to the international level in the 60s of last century.


        The third stage is from 1985 to the present. Under the guidance of the state policy of reform and opening to the outside world, the national economy and urban and rural infrastructure have been developing at a high speed. In the promotion of the national policy shows strong, hard brick and tile industry conservation of land resources, save energy, protect the environment and comprehensive utilization of resources, complete set of equipment and production technology of sintered hollow products with clay, shale, coal gangue and fly ash as raw material has been fully developed. The technological level has been greatly improved, and the combustion technology of all internal combustion has reached the world level in the 80~90 century.


        2, product quality is an important guarantee for the development of brick and tile machinery industry


        According to incomplete statistics, at present, China’s existing brick and tile machinery manufacturers more than 100, the more well-known manufacturers 20. China’s brick and tile machinery products have been fully equipped with various process and production equipment according to different raw materials and different scales. In the processing of raw materials have different specifications of the box type feeder machine, mixer, roll crusher, roll crusher, hammer crusher, cage mill, plate type extrusion pugging machine, circular screen type pugging machine, grinding machine, cloth machine, hydraulic bucket digging machine, automatic stacking machine and supporting automatic Marshalling System, stepping machine, embossing machine, sandblasting machine and edge cutting machine and other products.


        At present, the market more popular brick extruder for vacuum brick machine and non vacuum brick extruder two categories, brick machine is the main equipment of brick and tile industry. In the resource and market two factors, in recent years the formation of hard plastic (semi hard plastic) and plastic extruder two main series of products, hard plastic extruder in high pressure water brick extrusion rate in 11% ~ 14%, semi hard plastic extrusion machine Adobe water content is 14% ~ 18%, plastic extrusion machine is Adobe water content above 18%.


        Because of coal gangue and fly ash with low plasticity index, so the requirements of high pressure extrusion hard plastic or semi hard plastic hollow brick extruder to produce high proportion of fly ash as raw materials, ensure the brick compressive strength and other technical indicators, hard plastic extrusion machine with advanced performance, the main technical indicators to the international advanced level. The extrusion pressure of the plastic brick extruder is relatively low, which is suitable for producing hollow bricks and solid bricks and small and medium-sized brick and tile enterprises with a certain proportion of fly ash and gangue. In recent years, the extrusion machine manufacturing enterprises have been targeted to improve and improve the performance of the original main extruder, the extrusion machine price is relatively low, the main performance can basically meet the needs of industrial and agricultural production and construction, suitable for China needs.


        In 2004, 2005 and 2006, China brick and Tile Industry Association commissioned relevant units to inspect the quality of brick and tile machinery enterprises in china. Inspection results show that the state-owned large brick and tile machinery and equipment manufacturers have stable quality, good performance, and the product qualification rate has been increased year by year. Tile machinery to improve product quality and promote technological progress, make a preliminary development of wall materials innovation and promotion of energy-saving building. The annual output of 600 billion pieces of standard bricks not only supports the development of the construction industry, but also achieves better social comprehensive environmental benefits in terms of resource saving, waste residue utilization, energy saving and consumption reduction. At present, although the technical level of China’s sintered brick has been improved rapidly, there are still some gaps in the world advanced level.


        3, the level of innovation is not high, which restricts the improvement of the quality and quality of brick and tile machinery in China


        Most of China’s brick and tile equipment enterprises are developed from brick and tile machinery repair plants. The newly developed and large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprises still account for less than 30% of the total number of industries. In addition to individual enterprises, personnel, technical strength is strong, the majority of enterprises are relatively weak technical force. Few enterprises do not even have professional engineering and technical personnel, which seriously restricts the improvement of the production technology and new product development of brick and tile machinery in china. China has developed and produced more than 50 large brick machines, with a small number of independent intellectual property rights. Most of the basic design ideas do not get rid of small brick machine, there is no greater innovation, development and improvement, is still a set of drawings, a model, a face. Therefore, in order to achieve international standards, it is an important task for every brick and tile equipment manufacturer to improve the innovation of brick and tile equipment. At present, the brick and tile industry in our country is developing toward the saving of land, energy and waste. Therefore, it is necessary for brick and tile equipment to launch high-quality innovative products that meet the actual needs. To achieve the purpose of energy-saving brick production, we should do the following: to change the natural drying for artificial drying, artificial drying chamber, in order to make full use of kiln waste heat, energy saving, variable seasonal production for the annual production. To change the structure of high coal consumption, low thermal efficiency, large labor intensity and poor working conditions in wheel kiln, and to realize the mechanization, coding and transportation of the kiln, and change the appearance of the wheel kiln enterprises. Popularization of energy-saving medium and small section tunnel kiln and roasting process in small and medium-sized enterprises. Change the structure of large and medium section tunnel kiln to reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency. Reduce power consumption, choose reasonable production process and equipment. Although it has been reported that the technical problems such as the production of high-volume fly ash have been solved, however, according to the actual inspection and analysis, some individual production problems have been solved, and the common problems have not been fundamentally solved. How to develop the raw material processing equipment and molding equipment suitable for solid wastes such as high volume fly ash, etc., needs further study and discussion.


        The development prospects of brick machine in the future: one is to look to the international advanced level, the development of independent innovation products, to the development of high-grade, high level of automation and direction; two is to make large-scale production line equipment. The utility model can produce ordinary porous bricks and hollow bricks, and can also produce load-bearing blocks with high strength, large pores, thin walls, large blocks and good heat preservation performance. To meet the needs of equipment such as shale, coal gangue, coal ash and so on. Three is concerned about the broad market of brick and tile machinery products. Brick and tile machinery products to meet the needs of the domestic market, we should develop the international market. The demand for brick and tile machinery in the third world and developing countries increases year by year, and the potential is great. Therefore, China’s future prospects for the development of brick and tile machinery is very promising.

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