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  As a "High-Tech Enterprise" of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Baoshen Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating science, industry and trade. The National Agricultural Department regards our company as "An Honest and Law Abiding Enterprise". The National Standardization Committee appraises our company as "The Appointed Enterprise of Brick-Tile Machinery", "Contract Abiding and Honest Enterprise of Shaanxi Province", "The Leader Enterprise of the National Building Materials and Machinery Industry" and "ISO9001 International Quality System Authentication Enterprise".
Our group consists of eight underling branches, including Baoshen Automatic Complete Equipment Manufacturing Limited Company, Shaanxi Baoshen Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., Baoshen Group Meixian Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. and so on. Our company covers an area of 221,356 square meters, with 67,000 square meters of floor area. Our fixed assets are 150 million Yuan. Our company has 1,000 staff members, 722 professional personnel and 167 high and middle level technical personnel.
  Our company is mainly engaged in series of brick and tile machinery research, development, manufacture and application. We also deal with the promotion of new techniques and products. Our company produces "Baoshen" products. The National Standardization Committee appraises our products as "High Quality Products". We have gained honors like "The Famous Production and Famous Trademark of Shaanxi Province" and "Being Exempted from National Examination".
Our series of "Baoshen" products have obtained 57 items of scientific research achievements, 52 items of which attained the national innovation patent and five items of which attained the national invention patent. Our company has the honors to get more than 100 items of prizes like "The National Invention Prize" and "The Second Prize of Shaanxi Province Science-Technical Progress".
  Our "Baoshen" brick and tile machinery has more than 30 varieties and over 100 kinds of specifications. Our users can be found in more than 30 provinces and cities. Our products have been exported to overseas countries, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia, Nepal, Sudan, South Africa, Uganda, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and so on. Our products have been praised continuously.
  Our company not only provides all kinds of brick and tile machinery for customers, but also provides services like technology designing, brick kiln designing, workshop designing and so on. 


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